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Rich Ebbesen offers Leasing through Grenke, Nykredit leasing – With the possibility of leasing instead of investing in expensive graphic equipment which is often bonded capital.

Our goal is to support especially small and medium-sized businesses because they are often the ones that keep the economy going. Therefore, our leasing products are tailored to their needs and possibilities.

Leasing of operating or construction equipment is a 100% flexible form of financing.
When you lease, you avoid tying capital and thus liquidity in machines, and the company gets full use and control over the equipment, machine or plant.

What can you lease?
Virtually everything within operating or construction equipment.
We help you find the right equipment, and together we find the solution that suits you best.

We strive to be: competent, committed, fair and personal in relation to both our leasing partners and lessees.

Your needs and ideas with our help, can create the frame for the perfect Leasing

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